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Hyderabad Culture

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Hyderabad -“The City of Nawabs” is one of the best metropolitan cities in India and is well known globally for its rich cultural heritage with mosques, churches, temples, monuments, varied heritage in arts, crafts and dance enabled the city to preserve its culture from years. The city is now known as the IT hub globally and has the blend of distinct cultures of India and it clearly reflects on the daily lifestyle of the people.

Infact, in Hyderabad one can find north and south Indian people belonging to different religious community speaking number of languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarthi, English, Urdu, Hindi and many more.

Hyderabad city is known for its hospitality as people here are friendly in nature and hospitable. The impact of Hindu tradition and Muslim culture has helped the city to develop its own distinctive culture compared to other cities in India. Urdu which is vernacular Hindi language and Telugu are commonly spoken languages in Hyderabad. You can find more section of people speaking in Urdu language at nick and corner of the city especially in old city,rest of the city prefer to speak local language Telugu, Hindi and English.

The art centers in the city as well as universities give you an opportunity to know more about Telugu and Urdu literature, different style of music and dance forms. The Mughal influence clearly reflects on the food habits of the city and its blend with special south Indian cuisine gives you unique dinning experience from rest of Indian cuisines. Hyderabad Briyani, Double Ka Meetha, Khubani ka Meetha, Haleem are special dishes of Hyderabad that are famous worldwide.

Khara Dupatta suits for the women and Sherwanis for men are most preferred attire by the people of Hyderabad, apart from Dupatta or Sherwanis, you can find Hyderabad women wearing nice traditional saree and men wearing dhotis based on the occasion. Shopping malls in Hyderabad offer the young generation with latest trend outfits like trousers, jeans, shirts, salwar suits and many more depending on the latest trends in fashion arena.

Religious festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Ramzan, and Christmas are centre of attraction for the city, as we can see special events being organized and irrespective of their religion,people are invited to take part in these festivals which clearly signify unity among citizens of the Hyderabad city.

Therefore, Hyderabad is the right city to find mix of traditional culture and modern lifestyle.

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