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St Joseph's Cathedral

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St Joseph's Cathedral of Hyderabad is considered as best among the famous churches of Roman Catholics in India. The Cathedral is located at Gunfoundry, north of Abids, Hyderabad and is under supervision of Archdiocese of Hyderabad. The church is dedicated to Saint Joseph and has the capacity to accommodate congregation of 500 people at a time.

Actual construction of the cathedral started in the year 1869, when Fr. Antonio Tagliabue had a plan to build a school, a church and a convent, for which he bought a plot near Chaderghaat, now the area is called as Gunfoundry. In the year 1872, under the supervision of Fr. Luigi Malberti, the construction of the main building was successfully completed and on Christmas Eve of year 1875, the holy shrine was opened for devotees.

St Joseph's Cathedral of Hyderabad was built in style of Italian architecture and best part of the cathedral is the architectural work on the building which makes it totally unique from other churches in India. The central hall of the cathedral is massive and can accommodate around five hundred devotees at a time. The mammoth bells of St Joseph's Cathedral have been imported from Italy and were attached to cathedral in the year 1892. These ringing bells are specially tuned and based on these tunes number of hymns can be played, the bells have become indispensable part of the St Joseph's Cathedral, as they are not only scared but also safeguards against lightning and thunderstorm. The bells of the cathedral were rung vigorously to warn people about the forthcoming danger and approaching storm, these bells were also used to indicate time as well in olden days.

St Joseph's Cathedral of Hyderabad has open bell tower comprising of five bells, the perpendicular ladders and creaky stairs can be used to reach upstairs to have spectacular view of the city as well as stately bells. The imitation of the popular and famous painting of 'Pieta' by Michelangelo can be seen inside the cathedral. So, if you are searching for a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Hyderabad, the right place to visit is St Joseph's Cathedral of Hyderabad.
Location Gunfoundry, King Koti, Hyderabad
Mass Timings Daily 6:00 AM (English) and 6:00 PM (English);
Sundays: 6:30 AM (English), 8:00 AM (English);
9:15 AM (Telugu);
6:00 PM (English)

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