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Amusement Parks

Elles World

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Apart from other amusement parks like Ocean Park and Treasure Island, the other renowned amusement park near Gandipet area is Elles World of Hyderabad. This amusement park offers fun filled package of rides to entertain different age groups of a family to make trip more exciting. Elles World, the first of its kind in Hyderabad and soon became the entertainment gateway for the people of Hyderabad because of its attractive collection of fun rides.

Jalavihar Family Park

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Jalavihar is located on Necklace Road in Hyderabad. It’s the finest vacation spot for the whole family to enjoy. It also serves as an ideal place for various parties, product launches and corporate events

Mount Opera

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One of the Best Multi theme parks of the state with blend of entertainment and unlimited fun is Mount Opera, which is located about 38 kms from Hyderabad city and 4 kms from Ramoji Film city. Under the supervision of Sreemitra Estates Pvt. Ltd, Mount Opera soon became recreation gateway for people of state as well as for tourists around the globe. To provide high quality entertainment and unlimited fun for the visitors, it is important to create an environment that is clean, pleasant and pollution-free, Mount Opera officials succeeded in doing that by setting up the park which is spread over a sparkling 55 acres area on the outskirts of Hyderabad city.

Ocean Park

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The second largest Amusement park in India is Ocean Park and is located at Gandipet near Osman Sagar Lake just 20km from Hyderabad City. The Amusement park is widespread over 20 acres of land that include gardens filled with greenery and crystal blue water. The standards maintained by the Amusement park officials are of top class which guided the park to be marked as the best among the parks of these theme within the twin cities and is also absolutely safe for kids and grownups to have fun.

Snow World

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Ocean Park Multi Tech Limited (OPML), the creators of second Largest Amusement park-"Ocean Park" in India, their next contribution was "Snow World", which is India’s biggest first snow fall theme park located in the heart of the capital city, Hyderabad. Snow World provides entertainment and unlimited fun for tourists and local residents through its chilling experience. Snow World has created the opportunity for people of Hyderabad to experience the snow fall with in the city.

Wonderla Park

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Wonderla Park is located near Maheshwaram, Hyderabad. Wonderla Amusement Park will take you on a ride you have never experienced before. Experience the world-class rides at the park and you will leave you asking for more. Wonderla Hyderabad offers the perfect package for all the age groups with its land based rides and water based attractions. Enjoy exhilarating water rides, feel the rush of adrenaline on high-thrill rides, and get pampered with the finest facilities in leisure for the whole family.

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