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Elles World

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Apart from other amusement parks like Ocean Park and Treasure Island, the other renowned amusement park near Gandipet area is Elles World of Hyderabad. This amusement park offers fun filled package of rides to entertain different age groups of a family to make trip more exciting. Elles World, the first of its kind in Hyderabad and soon became the entertainment gateway for the people of Hyderabad because of its attractive collection of fun rides.

The main attraction among the collection of rides is the Ferris wheel ride and you can find gondolas are arranged in a circle in the Ferris wheel ride. Two persons can be seated in each gondola facing each other. Elles World’s Ferris wheel ride moves in anticlock wise direction that makes it unique from other fun rides in the park.

Timings Elles World is open for all from 11 am in the morning and closes at 7 pm

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